Stevenson’s was established in 1953 by Jack and Iris Wray.  The company sold and serviced agricultural machinery.  In the late fifties Jack could see hydraulics was the way of the future and started to move to fully specialised hydraulics in a move to specialise in that field.  By early sixties they had moved out of retailing farm machinery into a fully specialised hydraulics business - the first in the central west.

Ian Wray joined his father in 1965 and his brother Stephen also came into the firm in the early seventies. The company has grown over the years and more specialised staff were employed as it grew.

Jack Wray passed away in 1990 and Ian took over the running of the company with his brother Stephen.  The company was pushed for room as it continued to grow and the decision was made to rebuild on the present site.  With the help of builder David Payne a smooth transition between shops was complete.   The purpose-designed building was up and running which allowed the company to continue to grow offering off street parking and improved customer service. 

Stevenson’s opened a pneumatics sales centre in the late nineties and Ian’s Eldest son, Matthew, managed this. It was found hydraulics and pneumatics run together and all staff at the time were fully up to date with the latest technology and on going training continues today.

Stephens Eldest son Tim joined the business in 2003 and the next generation was beginning to find their feet. In 2015 both Matthew and Tim stepped up and took over the running of the business. It was a timely welcome for Ian and Stephen's retirement and the boys time to spread their wings.  

Since the change over the business has gone in leaps and bounds. They have employed more staff, added 2 mobile trucks to the services Stevenson’s provides.